Developing Student-Athlete Leaders

  • University of Wisconsin-Stout Volleyball
  • Kokoro Volleyball
  • Marymount University
  • Colorado Mesa University

What Student-Athletes and Coaches are saying about LeadUp:

Develop skills for on and off the field

"The material was very valuable, and the website was easy to use. I'm an RA and I have actually used some of the information with my floor of residents, and plan on using other aspects of it in the future."

Prepare for life after graduation

"I really like the information because it is relevant to student athletes but is also something that can be put into everyday life - now and in the future"

Individualized Self-Assessments

"The content and the program are helpful and made me think hard about my leadership style and my personal values."

Increased Self-Awareness

"It was great! I feel like I know myself a little more now, and I can't wait to put what I have learned so far to the test!"

Understand Leadership Roles

"I think it is very important all athletes are aware of these concepts and how they contribute to the teams' development. I also liked analyzing the type of leader you are, it is confidence boosting to know you can enact different leadership roles."

Specialized tools for Coaches

"The coaches module has a lot of really helpful materials and information that would really help a lot of the newer coaches I know."

What We Offer

  • Training for All Student-Athletes

    We believe EVERY student-athlete should have the benefit of leadership training that is convenient, easily accessible, and highly impactful.

  • Skills for Life After Graduation

    We give high school and collegiate student-athletes, coaches and teams the specialized tools to develop their leadership skills for success on and off the playing field, ultimately preparing them for life after graduation.

  • Higher Levels of Success

    Student-athletes develop increased self-awareness through individualized self-assessments, resulting in higher team functionality and team success.

Pricing Options

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