Developing Student-Athlete Leaders

Individualized web-based leadership training for student-athlete success

Sarah Gustin

Module 1: Self-Leadership

Each one of us is responsible to lead ourselves everyday! Begin by self-assessing your values and leadership style.

Sarah Gustin

Module 2: Leading Up

Learn how to interact with those in leadership positions above you. Continue to grow in your self-leadership development.

Sarah Gustin

Module 3: Leading Within a Team

Learn techniques and tools to lead within and as part of a team.

Sarah Gustin

Module 4: Leading a Team

Identify your personal influence style and positively influence your teammates. Also begin to prepare for the transition of life after competition.

Sarah Gustin

Captain's Module

Specialized training for those in the role of a team captain.

Sarah Gustin

Coach's Module

Facilitate discussions and identify and develop team culture.​​